Life Cycle Cost Management

The initial cost of a project is only the tip of an iceberg. The majority of a project’s life cycle cost occurs after the facility is in service. Maintenance, operation, energy and water use, system replacement, all contribute to the overall cost of doing business. Staff’s productivity, retention rate, health, and satisfaction add another dimension of considerations in a facility’s design of the work environment. enVErgie provides life cycle cost analysis that could help justify investment for a more sustainable design. Our Certified Cost Engineer has performed life cycle cost estimates for systems including solar power, windows replacement, reroofing, lighting upgrades, HVAC equipment upgrades, and plumbing upgrades.

Our Services Include:

- Utility bills analyses
- Energy use and cost projections
- Facility operation cost estimate
- Maintenance and replacement cost estimates
- Life cycle cost analyses, including payback analysis and present value analysis
- Analyses using Building Life Cycle Cost (BLCC) computer program