Energy Conservation

Buildings in the United States consume 39% of America’s energy and 68% of its electricity. enVErgie provides support to the project team by modeling a building’s energy use with computer simulation. This simulation models the building envelope, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting and electrical systems, weather and operation schedule. This enables the design to be tested for optimized energy performance. The simulation would also provide compliance verification for various benchmarks. Our Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) has performed energy simulation for scores of buildings, including commercial, industrial, health care, and government buildings.

Our Services Include:

- Computer simulation of building energy usage (DOE 2 and other software)
- ASHRAE 90.1 compliance analysis
- Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) energy credit verifications
- Federal energy management & planning program analysis (10 CFR 436)
- Energy Star Rating for buildings
- Life cycle cost analysis for energy conservation measures